How can I open an old Navision Database

AndreasAndreas Member Posts: 5
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I have a file called base1 wich has a size of 400MB and no file-extension. I think it is a Navision Database, but I can't open it. Is it possible, that I need an old DOS version of Navision to open it?

The only thing I can read with an HEX-editor at the beginning of the file is "c:\base"

So, how can I get the data? (if possible without Navision)


  • PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    Do you have a license for the dos-version?
  • AndreasAndreas Member Posts: 5
    No, that's why I would prefer to open it without Navision.

    Is there no demo of the DOS version available?
  • jmjm Member Posts: 156
    Hi Andreas,

    what a database is this file?

    Is it from a customer of yours? then he could give you a license and a runtime version to open the file.

    I think that it is not possible to get the data without Navision and that is good so.

    Are you working for a NSC?

    Josef Metz
    Josef Metz
  • AndreasAndreas Member Posts: 5
    It is a database from our company. But it is some years old an we do not work with Navision anymore and also have no old software or licenses.
    All people that had a clue, aren't in our company anymore.

    And now we wan't to get out the adresses of the database.

    Isn't it possible to get the old dos-version somewhere? I only need to export the adresses to excel or something and that's it.
  • jmjm Member Posts: 156
    Are you really sure that you need theese adresses?

    Even if you get the old dos-version somewhere you need a login and a password to access the data.

    if there is no other way to get the adresses, best way will be to contact a NSC (Navision Solution Center) which supports old dos-version, best the NSC your company worked with some years ago, but you have to pay for their support.

    Josef Metz
    Josef Metz
  • AndreasAndreas Member Posts: 5
    I think I would know a user/pass.

    But I don't want to pay for these old adresses. It would have been nice but I thought it would be easier.

    So thanks for your support!

    Perhaps someone other has an idea?? Otherwise I think I'll gotta give up. :(
  • Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    If you have a backup of the DOS-database available, then you can restore this file in MBS-Navision. Of course only the tables and data will be restored (in a objectrange > 50.000), but this way you have access to your data. But this will only work with a backup file of the Navision DOS-database.
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  • PrebenRasmussenPrebenRasmussen Member Posts: 137
    The problem is:
    Nobody is allowed to send you program or license to solve your problem.

    BUT the other way around is no problem! If you manage to make the database available for me on a ftp-server I can download it and open it if you have a working userid/pwd. Then I can easily extract the customers from the database and send it back to you.

    So - you can have your problem solved if you want to!

    If you decide so, don't publish the address here, but send a private note to me or someone else in the forum that you might trust.
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