how can I make it run faster?

demi222demi222 Member Posts: 131
I have a report... in the Greek version.. it's report 16784...Warehouse Trialbalance Report.

I have made all types of checks to make sections print out only if there is something to print out...
However, now it takes forever till I get the result of the Print Preview... I am using flowfields, so I can't put those as keys.

Any suggestions on how to make it go faster?


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    ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
    Hi demi,

    Have made any progress on making that report (or the 16783) any faster?

    I run those reports on the server machine and it takes about half the time of when I run them on a client machine.
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    wonmowonmo Member Posts: 139
    Do some pre-processing on the tables that the flow-fields are based on, where you can select the keys and then determine whether the condition to print is true.
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