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Ian_piddigntonIan_piddignton Member Posts: 92
Hi All

Just a quick question. Has anyone used a web based time sheet application with Navision? I'd like it to be able to record time against jobs and have an approval system, all web based.

I have been doing a bit of research for a system that can be linked into Navision, so I thought I see if anyone here had any experiences, good or bad.




  • adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104

    my company is also interested in a web based timesheet solution that integrates with nav. time against jobs, approval system, etc.

    the 3rd party we thought we were going to use just got extremely expensive :(


  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,255
    Tectura has an addon called web time and expense entry system.
    Contact them.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

    blog: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/ara3n
  • adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
    thanks for the quick reply.

    i initiated something with them and hopefully will hear from their sales staff soon.

    most solutions we found previously all required the staff to login to navision to fill in their time, which would be insane considering we only have 20 seats and potentially 150 users.

    i'm sure there could be a data import weekly or something, but then the employees are just using excel or whatever. maybe that is what many customers do?

    also how do i become a supporting member? i'd like to donate as this site has provided me with a lot of assistance
  • ara3nara3n Member Posts: 9,255
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
    Independent Consultant/Developer

    blog: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/ara3n
  • ajhvdbajhvdb Member Posts: 672
    We do this with tradepoint. The user logs in on the website and types in the hours.
  • adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
    thanks for the info. i contacted tradepoint also in hopes of finding a workable yet not extremely expensive solution
  • NikkNikk Member Posts: 49
    One more if I could ..try Timelog -its web based and with an SQL back end

  • adamEthanadamEthan Member Posts: 104
    thanks. the more the merrier
  • WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    iFactohas an addon for this as well ... contact them, if you want. :wink:

    This site is not yet in English though :( ... the timesheet application is :wink:

    Eric Wauters
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  • jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    Ok I know this thread is a little stale...but given that you're in New Zealand...you may want to check out what HP New Zealand has to offer (if you haven't already).

    You should also check out the other thread:

    There is also a product that HP has used in New Zealand (I know they have used it but it may not be on their website...cause I helped build it). You should check out: http://www.istart.co.nz/index/HM20/PC0/ ... 6/CS210055
    Jeff Landeen - Sr. Consultant
    Epimatic Corp.

  • jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Hej all my company actuall has 2 timesheet solutions for Navision at the moment one web based and the other a full intergration, The company targets professional services etc and one site has 600+ users entering their time, We have just finished upgrading it to 5.0 , if you are interested you can contact me and i'll put it forward to the sales guys.
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