Can't set 3/16 Bottom Margin RDLC check report for micr cod

robertstrobertst Member Posts: 4
edited 2011-12-20 in NAV Three Tier
We are trying to print the micr code on a check report so we can use blank stock. We are using Stub-Stub-Check. The bottom margin is set to zero but we still have about a .5 inch bottom margin. Is there another property 'm missing.

Tom Roberts
ParenteBeard Technology


  • dlerouxdleroux Member Posts: 87
    I have run into the same issue and not found a way around it either.

    But the client needs to print checks so I did find that going "old school" worked.
    When the RTC runs a report that has no RDLC Layout defined it will run theClassic version of the report.

    Make a copy of your current report (just in case)
    Now open it up in the NAV report designer (not Visual Studio)
    Delete the layout
    Now fix the sections to produce the check formatted as needed in Classic.
    Save and compile - do not create a new Layout

    Not really an ideal solution, but the RTC report designer apparently suffers form an overdose of MSFT "intelligence". I'm sure there is (or will be) a way to get real control of the margins in the RTC reports, but it looks liek it is an undocumented "Easter Egg" right now.
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