Create add in control with argument

wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
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Does anybody know the way to create a .net control launched from action button on page and for example some initial value in textbox on form?


  • Thomas_JensenThomas_Jensen Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 7
    Could you please elaborate on the scenario you are trying to solve.

    Do you want a page containing a control add-in to be opened when you click a button on another page?
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  • wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
    I.e. action on item card opening another page with control add in displaying passed item no in .net textbox.

    Hope its clearer now.
  • BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    1. bound your control add in to your "item no." field in page 2
    2. from page 1, call page 2 and pass your "item no."

    am i missing something?
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  • wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
    Im thinking about multiple fields .net control which on creation connects to some db, gets values and display them in those fields. Thats why I need an argument on creation
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