Invoking COM from NAV2009R2

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A few years ago there was a few restriction as far as invoking COM from C/SIDE, ie : visual components not supported, certain data types were not supported,
which lead you straight into Visual Studio to write some wrappers against the methods that could not be invoked from C/SIDE

Questions :
1/ I'm just wondering if nowadays if any COM object that can be invoked with in VB.NET can also be called from NAV2009R2, if not what are the restrictions ? limitations ?
2/ Is there a more up to date ressource that this one :


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    1) Automations are dying. Same support as on classic client (newly server side, client side)
    2) Replacement - DotNet - using directly the .NET assemblies. Still with some limits (events etc.) but much better than Automations (do not forget, that now it is calling .NET assembly from .NET assembly - C/Side on 3tier is in .NET)
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