Business Analytics Problem

suvidhab_ssuvidhab_s Member Posts: 16
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I have seen every possible thread here but I am still stuck with my problem!!!

I have NAV (2009 Sp1, SQL server) database with 2 companies A and B.
When I run the BA Configurator in company "A", Everything works fine.
BUT!! When I run the Configurator in company "B", Navision Crashes ](*,)
It crashes @ "Create Analysis Services Databse" Level as shown in pic.

Only difference between these companies is that, Company A has less data compared to Company B.

Please HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • fjdelvallefjdelvalle Member Posts: 3
    have you tried to rename the cube (instead of Default BA) on Company B? Something like this happened to me, I did that and it works.
  • suvidhab_ssuvidhab_s Member Posts: 16
    Thanks fjdelvalle.. I tried by re-naming the database name It dint work.
    Are you saying that I should rename the database or Cubes exactly???
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