Integrating Country Localizations in one database

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We have currently started the rollout of a Navision 3.70 kernel to several European sites. All sites will work on one centrally-managed database. The target is to bring NL, FR, DK, IT, ES, UK, DE, NO, SE, AT to this system. In this phase we are collecting the country-specifics that are really necessary to fulfill legal requirements. To ease this phase, we are searching for a functional specification per country localization. If you have experience in this matter and can help me with some tips on where to find information, specifics for the mentioned countries, please do. It will help us to take a good start.

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    I hope you have still enough time to get this informations:

    The best way is the have access to the partnerguide in each country, but microsoft told me that this is not possible because of technical reasons!?

    Maybe you can find here help:
    EOC ( EMEA): ccmbs@microsoft.com
    APAC (Asia Pacific): mbslques@microsoft.com
    AOC (North and South America): mbsorder@microsoft.com

    I don't think that it is a good idea to have all the local adjustments in one database.
    Think about having one Master Database (Base is W1 database) with the Company adjustments that are the same for all subsidiaries.

    Hope that helps U
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    It is hard to get license for objects from different counties, different databases. I don't Microsoft cuts a licenses for you. We had to merge NL objects into US database, and we had to renumber the objects into 50K range. Unless it is a requirement by the Gov in that country and or Customer needs the feature, I would merge the objects. One of our customer has 4 companies, one in US, 1 in NL, UK, FR and we only merged NL objects. FR and UK objects weren't even thouched.
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    SDebruyneSDebruyne Member Posts: 12
    Do you mean that you do not need to merge FR & UK localizations in the kernel in order to fulfill the country specific legal reports?

    We have ordered a license file to MBS that gives us access to the country-specific objects. We can not read, renumber these objects with cronus-license or customer-license. So we cannot start without. Or do you see other possibilities?
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