Data Migration of E-mails

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Hello everyone,

I seem to have a problem trying to import emails into Nav using the Data Migration. If you take a look at the screen shot I get a "E-Mail Setup code " does not exist." This error does not tell me much and I can't figure it out. The email is formatted correctly and I have defined the email server in Nav ( under IT>General Setup>SMTP Mail Setup) to handle emails. I'm just building up my master database so the setup for most of Nav has been done.

Can anyone steer me into the right direction on what I should be looking for e-mail setup other than defining the server which will handle e-mails.

Thank you in advance


  • rico1931rico1931 Member Posts: 295
    Figured it out.. You need to go to shipping and Receiving first and set up the first two fields with something in order for emails to be migrated in. Simple enough then get rid of it or modify it to suit your needs..

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