NAV MB7-839 Exam

himalihimali Member Posts: 104
Hi Guys

I am planning to appear MB7-839 Core set up and Finance exam by this week. Can you please let me know where do i get braindums questions and answers for practice ?

thanks in advance


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    dear himali,

    you will not get braindumps in this forum. what you should do is sit down and read/test/try/understand/learn... , because otherwise you will become one of the cheeky empty-headed parasyte pranksters calling themselves NAV Consultants. Besides, you will not be effective and this will put additional pressure on your colleagues.

    what I mean is your approach (and maybe the approach of your superiors) is wrong. I have some colleagues like you and I must confess it is real pain working with them - always know everything and never capable of doing anything.
    Please, do not frighten the ostrich,
    the floor is concrete.
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