Intercompany Transactions Question

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I have a question on Intercompany and I hope any of you guys able to help me out. Thanks!

In company A, I setup 2 customer code (Cust. 100 and Cust 200) as intercompany to company B. Cust. 100 and Cust. 200 is referring to company B.
In company B, I setup 2 vendor code (Vend. 100 and Vend. 200) as intercompany to company A. Vend. 100 and Vend. 200 is referring to company A.

In company A, I create 2 Sales Order (SO1 and SO2). SO1 to Cust. 100 and SO2 to Cust. 200. In company B, do I able to accept PO1 to Vend. 100 and PO2 to Vend. 200?

Is it possible to do the above?



  • AndwianAndwian Member Posts: 627
    It is possible, but you could not set 2 Vendor No. for 1 company!
    The same rule applied for the customer.
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