Saving Jet Report as HTML with NAV drilldowns

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Hello all, first time poster, recommended by a friend that says you guys always deliver the answers! I can't find an answer anywhere else.

Here goes...

I've created a Jet Report (in Excel 2010 with the latest version of Jet Reports) linked it using the usual NL function to my NAV 2009 R2 system.

When I run the report I have the option to 'drilldown' on certain cells (where the formula permits it) and 'open' the relevant data table / form in NAV (fantastic).

I want to share the report as a HTML webpage but retain the ability to drilldown into NAV from the HTML page.

Someone told me this was possible but I can't find how to do it. ](*,) When I open the the HTML file that I've created it's just a static page with nothing to click on :(

Does anyone know if it IS possible and if so HOW I can achieve it?

Any advice gratefully received.
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