Page OnModify not firing

Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
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I am hitting a number of strange issues in the NAV 2009 R2 RTC client. We're running on the 32012 build.

My latest issue is that I have a card page with a subform page (lines basically) where the OnModifyRecord trigger is not firing (in the subform page - ListPart). Upon modifying a line and moving off of it, the code simply does not fire. I go to a line, modify some values, and move off of it, but the OnModifyRecord trigger is not called. I have a confirm prompt in that trigger to confirm this - it never appears.

The subform page uses a temporary recordset. These same objects and logic work fine in the SP1 client (we just did a technical upgrade). If anyone has any thoughts on why the OnModifyRecord trigger would not be firing, I'd greatly appreciate it.


  • DuikmeesterDuikmeester Member Posts: 304
    Yeah noticed a simular thing where the table field OnModify would fire before the page field OnModify.
  • Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
    We submitted the case to Microsoft support, so we'll see what they say. We're using the 32012 build of R2, but they tested our functionality with a later build and the triggers are firing there, so we may just need to update to a newer build to resolve this one. Flukey.
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