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This one is driving me nuts at the moment...

We have Card page with a couple subform pages (ListPart). In a NAV 2009 SP1 database, the page works fine - you can edit the subform lines with no problems. We upgraded the database to R2 (just a technical upgrade -all objects and data moved forward with no changes) and there the subform pages are non-editable. The editable property has not been modified on any of the pages, groups or controls here...everything should be editable. I can't figure out why it's not...any suggestions for what could cause this behaviour? One subform uses a tempory recordset, but the other subform is a very straightforward one (comment lines) - nothing fancy.


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    Just a shot in the dark. Is the page in edit mode? You can see what mode it's in in the upper left hand corner of the title bar.
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    Yes, it is. All the fields on the general tab (directly on the record) are fine. It's just the subform pages that are non-editable. I'm baffled as the exact same objects and exact same data behave fine running under the SP1 client. I've really warmed up to the RTC over the last while, but sometimes it does frustrate the heck out of me. :)
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    A bit more detail on this one...

    This page (the card page) is opened through code as there is some pre-processing and a temporary record is fed into the page. i.e.

    //Setup the temprec field values

    IF PAGE.RUNMODAL(PAGE::"Card Page Here",TempRec) = Action::LookupOK THEN BEGIN
    //Logic here to process the data
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