Calculated Unit Cost in Phys. Inventory Journal

elToritoelTorito Member Posts: 191

at 31.12.04 we have generated Lines in the Phys. Inventory Journal.

We have a lot of items that can#t count at one day, so the sales assistants did not yet count all items, and now they have finished counting and they must put the Qty (phys. Inventory) in the Lines.

But here is the Problem, or not? ... the Unit Cost ...

If they have buy an Item after the 31.12.04 the Unit Cost changes his value.

Only Changes Value if the sales assistants make entry at field QTY(Phys Inventory).

Is this Correct? Our NSC say that is ok so, but i have problems with understand it why ...

Have somebody a SCM in German of the Inventory ?
I have asked some times our NSC, but i have never became some SCM.

I Hope can understand what i mean, thanks for your answers.


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    chaswinchaswin Member Posts: 54
    I think you'll find that it always posts at the current average cost, but that the adjust cost/post cost to GL periodic runs will correct the cost.

    This is especially true of average cost where a "daily average cost" is calculated and all issues on that day are adjusted retrospectively to the theoretical daily average.
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