CRM 2011 - Create Invoice from Order Offline

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CRM 2011.

Does anyone know why the "Create Invoice" button on Sales ORder is not available in the Offline client ?

I supposed I can get that the Create Invoice closes the order, so you should be online to do it... but we have a
client that requires this to be done in areas where there is no connectivity, so will need to do it offline.

Is there something we can do ?



  • SmallsSmalls Member Posts: 5
    I can think of the following reasons:

    If the User closes the order Offline, it doesnt update online therefor its unable to restrict someone who is connected to the live DB (online) from making aditional changes to the order, therefor when the Offline Client sync's (or attempts to) its presented with a conflict.

    The Invoice raised offline will now be inconsistent with the Last updated Order it relates to.

    Order is closed and the Invoice is created / raised Offline by mulitple people

    Stock levels and allocation also spring to mind as headaches

    I'm hope your user / customer can appreciate those issues being the reason its Unavailable Offline

    I hope that helps

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