Bills in Italian Localisation - is issuing necessary?

Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
If I set up a Bill Code as Issue Allowed (i.e. set up Cod. Effeto as Permetti Estrazione) then in order to generate a RiBa Bill, I first need to run the Issuing Customer Bills batch job, which generates a payment entry in the Customer Ledger Entry with a temporary number, but does not apply it to invoices, and only after this can I actually go and create a Customer Bill Card.

If I set it up as No in this field (Issue Allowed) then I can just go to the Customer Bill Card directly and generate them, saving one step.

Question: is there a point in using Issue Allowed? What is the advantage of having that unapplied payment there?

Note - I am not deeply familiar with this fairly complicated piece of functionality. I am just testing what is the simplest way to generate a text file for sending a Customer RiBa to the bank and then post it when it is paid in the customer ledger and G/L.
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