Error when deleting a SO with an opportunity assigned

sydneynavmansydneynavman Member Posts: 11
Hi There

If I try and delete an SO that has a opportunity assigned to it that is 'won' I get a C/AL error. First I get a message saying that the assigned opportunity needs to be changed from won to lost and asking if I would like this to happen. I select yes and I get the attached error. Any ideas or workarounds other than going into the opportunity table and changing from won to lost?


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    rhpntrhpnt Member Posts: 688
    Don't have much experience with opportunities in NAV but the error is a pure technical one (not specific for the mentioned table). It simply means that inside a running transaction a new one is trying to start which results in the given error. As the error states a form is trying to open modally while a transaction (function) is running. Something modified in that area?
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