Finance: posting correction entry lines

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I am studying the Finance courseware, using the NAV 2009 R2 demo software. Currently in chapter 3, I try to understand the posting of Corrections in a general journal
In the General Journal window I should be able to add fields for Correction, Debit Amount and Credit Amount. But no matter how I search and try, I cannot find the Correction check box, or the amount fields. Has something changed? How should I post the correction?

Any advice?
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  • TedTed Member Posts: 18
    More problems while studying chapter 4, Cash Management.
    On page 4-42 we are supposed to apply an entry in the Bank.Acc.Reconciliation window. BUT... this button or menu item is nowhere to be found in the RTC.
    I was able to find it in the Classic client (luckily that client also mentions the hotkey Shift-F11). Back to the RTC, shift-F11 also works there. But where did the button go??

    In the mean time, did anyone find the answer to my previous question?
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  • TedTed Member Posts: 18
    Did anyone find the correction check box?
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