XML Parser error

MarkKeenerMarkKeener Member Posts: 17
I am trying to import an XML file and am getting the following error:

"The XML Parser returns the following fatal error:
Illegal qualified name character.
Line Number = 1, Column Number = 2

Here are the first several lines of my XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be. The first line of the file I'm trying to import looks just like the first line of the XML file that I'm exporting.

I also read on another XML thread on this forum that Navision is somewhat picky about the UTF-16 encoding. Is there any truth to this?

THANKS for any help or direction that you can give me!!


  • GRIZZLYGRIZZLY Member Posts: 127
    Try to open your XML file in Internet Explorer.
    Seems this file would be wrong.
    You could only have one root node in DOM.
    Sincerely yours, GRIZZLY
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  • DamjanDamjan Member Posts: 94

    I just had similar issue, just I could not load the preview of an page object in NAV DEV Environment.

    My local machine where I am running NAV DEV Environment was installed with regional settings set to English (USA), while NAV server and SQL server were installed with regional settings set to German (Germany).

    I exported issued object into TXT adding the .XML at the end of exported file (save it as .XML), then opened that exported XML in Firefox (any internet browser actually) and checked for the debugger errors of XML file and it pointed me to the directions where all the German characters were displayed with strange characters ╝ instead of Ä.

    So, I checked the NAV client about page and it set this

    Just set the Windows regional settings to German (Germany) and restart the machine and it works as expected.

    I am using English language set on the windows and USA keyboard layout on German keyboard, so I can wirte the code in english and capations in ENU and DEU.

    Thanks, Damjan
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