Using Customer "No." as Dimension

Joe_MathisJoe_Mathis Member Posts: 173
I was sure that I've seen this done somewhere before, but does anyone have an easy way of setting up a dimension so that it always is equal to the customer "No."

I am creating a report for the customer that they want broken down by customer type and number, pulling information off of the G/L.

Version 3.70.01a, SQL and have advanced dimensions granule

Thanks in advance.


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    WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    What I think that was done is the following:

    OnInsert in the customer table:
    - Insert a record in the "Dimension Value" table, for the Customer-dimension.
    - Insert a record in the "Default Dimension" table with "Same Code".

    this means two additional inserts on each customer insert.

    Very easy to do by your NSC.

    Eric Wauters
    MVP - Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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    Joe_MathisJoe_Mathis Member Posts: 173

    It may be late in coming, but :oops:

    Thank You for your help. It was exactly what we used.

    I was hoping for something that would update all the older customers too but a little codeunit creation solved that too.

    Thanks again

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