Multiple SQL NAS: Powershell creates only classic NAS

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Could create the service in the cmd console:
nassql appservername=nas2, servername=SERVER03, database="Database", company="Cronus", startupparameter=BVL, installasservice

Hi I have the following situation.

We have two companies on the same server. One company in Germany the second in Poland.

I need to setup a second nas for Poland. To do this I want to create a second NAS service via Powershell and then start it with applocale (otherwise you can't start the nas, as it is another windows language).

So I copied the nas folder

After that I create a new NAS Service with the following command:
New-service -name wt-s002-sql-pl -binaryPathName "nassql.exe" -discplayName "Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server WT-S002-SQL-PL" -startupType Automatic

I have to create an SQL NAS service, but the command creates a classic NAS service.
When I open the console and create a new snap-in for the new created NAS I can choose between the net types:
- Secure TCP/IP
- NetBios

Not as an SQL NAS should have
- Default
- Names Pipes
- TCP/IP Sockets
- Multiprotocol

When I try to start the nas the LogIn doesn't work of course.

Does anyone have an idea what the cause could be?


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