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Hi everyone!!!

We have an issue about CFRONT integration. We have a Delphi application that with CFRONT dll copy data from Navision 3.60 native database to another Navision 3.60 native database. This architecture works perfectly from near 10 years untill now.

But now we have some NAV 5.0 sql database and we need the same functionality. Apparently the new architecture works well but we have found that does not work very well. The issue is about decimal fields. When the application copy a 612,80 amount, it transforms the field in SQL database in 612,79999999999995.

The functions that we use are :

• DBL_GetFieldData()
• DBL_BCD_2_Double()
• DBL_Double_2_BCD()
• DBL_AssignField()

In native database runs ok but does not in sql, maybe is a sql issue.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advanced
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