Adding Method Step

BokkBokk Member Posts: 138
I am running Canadian Payroll (VisionPay) in Navision 3.70 and put in the Tax Updates for 2005. Previous payrolls have been run without any problems.

We tried to run the first payroll for 2005 and it gave an error indicating that Method Step 'SUB LCF/LCP' could not be found. We do have a copy of Navision 4.0 so we looked in there and the above method step is there. We copied it into the 3.70 version and the payroll appears to run fine. I would like to verify that the Method Step can be added in this manner and that it will not be affecting things in the background that we are not aware of... yet. I would have expected the Method Step to be added as a yearend update .fob file or something like that. Perhaps an oversight?

Any information specifically or just generally about adding that Method Step would be appreciated. I am even curious about what this is, or what the abbreviation stands for.

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