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This is my first attempt to write an XMLPORT. I thhought I had done it right but I keep geeting the error Element <invoice_information> is unexpected.

This is my xml file

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <invoice>
- <invoice_information>
<invoice_date>Apr 1, 2011</invoice_date>
<service_start_date>Mar 1, 2011</service_start_date>
<service_end_date>Mar 31, 2011</service_end_date>
<note>Invoice includes payments received by Mar 31, 2011</note>
- <invoice_address>
<company_name>my company</company_name>
<name>ap contact</name>
<address>my address</address>
- <summary>
<total_amount_due currency="US">789.29</total_amount_due>
<due_date>Apr 25, 2011</due_date>
- <summary_of_your_charges>

The attached file shows the xmlport definition.

If anyone can see what I am doing wrong I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you


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