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We recently had a complete computer crash and the only thing that's left of navision is a backup file named backup_001.#bk . The system has not been reconfigured since 1994 and the guy responsible for is not available. So we have no access to binaries, install disks, etc..

Is there a way to access the data in the backup file by converting it to some other readable format?
Other ways to get the data?

The version were 3.62 and besides that, I have no further details.

Thanks in advance.


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    A NAV backup-file ending on #bk is made with the DOS-version. You can restore this backup-file in Dynamics NAV (the Windows version) so you'll have your data available in NAV tables. You can then export the tables to Excel, or design dataports/xmlports to create csv/txt/xml files.

    This should be done by a Microsoft partner, if you don't have any experiences with Dynamics NAV.
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    Thank you for the quick answer.
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