Backup-Restore CRM Database

lizetalizeta Member Posts: 7
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Is there any way to backup and then restore a CRM database (version 20011 or 4) from inside the database?
For example in NAV you can choose Tools-->Backup and then Tools-->Restore.
Is there something similar in CRM or the only way is through SQL server?


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    SmallsSmalls Member Posts: 5
    Short answer - NO SQL is the only way

    You can Export customisations (a sort of Backup).

    The NAV option to backup is quite likely there as a legacy to its proprietary DB days, and the backup you can do in NAV of a SQL DB will export in a proprietary format and won't be able to be restored as a SQL backup (please correct me if i'm wrong).

    Is there a reason you cant use the SQL functionality then?
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