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NeerajNeeraj Member Posts: 15
Dear All,
I am facing a huge problem.. My Posting is taking huge time. Acually I am using LS Retail and statement Posting takes more than an hour. I am confused what to do .
is there any tool to find the code which consumes more time .


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    BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    troubleshooting performance is difficult, and if you don't even know where to start, maybe it's better to hire an expert instead of asking in a forum. I'm not saying that you wouldn't be able to do it by yourself, but that in my opinion you'll take a lot of time to learn the know-how to solve your problem, and i don't think your customer can stand a slow system for long time.
    BTW, to answer your question...here some advices/tools:
    -check if your hardware is correctly sized with some expert (hardware sizing is usually the hugest problem)
    -sql profiler, if you're on sql
    -Client monitor (in nav: tools->client monitor; google/mibuso for more info)
    -search mibuso for "performance" but you'll need experience to interpret all the stuff you'll find
    "Never memorize what you can easily find in a book".....Or Mibuso
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