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Hi, all

Anyone with help, pls.

The requirement
Standard Sales Codes became an issue is that users create sales incorrectly and not following the process of selecting the sales codes from the functions options. The requirement here is to block users from adding general ledger sales lines and force the creation of sales lines, by using the Standard Sales Codes functionality provided on the order. These business rules should enforce from the sales invoice data captures. User only must use std sales codes and automatic invoicing via membership change - only finance dept. to use ledger entries on invoices and credit memo`s.

Now I want to make the Sales invoice subform to be editable for finance dept, but not editable for other deptments.

In the User Setup table added a field called User Classification which is of type Boolean. All the employees under finance will be checked in the User setup table.
Everytime the Sales Invoice is run, it will check if the person logging is checked in the classification or not, if checked subform will be editable

Thanx, in advance.
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    You have to do the following in the OnOpenForm Trigger of the SubForm.
    IF UserSetup.IsFinance THEN

    Hope this helps!
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