Outlook Integration using NAS

gforce4678gforce4678 Member Posts: 12
Hello all

I am trying to setup the Outlook Integration, I have read somewhere that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service need to start with a parameter of OSYNC

Can you all confirm this is true and what I need to do to enable this

many thanks



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    Johannes_NielsenJohannes_Nielsen Member Posts: 206
    I believe it depends on you NAV version, whether or not, you should use OSYNC if I remember correctly.

    My execuables are 2009(6.0) but my objects are 5.0

    I run a single NAS instance with JOBQUEUE(not OSYNC) parameter, and then configures several Jobs from inside the NAV client(Administration > Application Setup > Job Queue).

    One job executes CodeUnit 5064 which fetches Emails from the configures outlook client(on the machine running the NAS) Queue folder, processes it, if an contact email-address exists, transfers the mail to Storage folder.

    <<<This is my setup, it might not be right for you and your version of NAV>>>

    These folders are shared public folders on an Exchange-server.

    You can find some whitepapers on CustomerSource, I have two, (actually, one might be from partnersource i think).

    If you're stuck email me and I'll send you the whitepapers, you can also find out alot by searching this forum.
    Best regards / Venlig hilsen
    Johannes Sebastian
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