License 'Per-Database' & 'System6300' problem

WojtekmWojtekm Member Posts: 123

I have 2 NAV databeses on my SQL Server 2008 ,

1st one is NAV 5.0 SP1 and i need to save license in this database.
2nd one is NAV 2009 SP1 with Cronus license.

First time i get error about You do not have permission to 'Per-Databese license' system, when i try to save license file.
I start to read about this error message, and i decide to delete this sql database.
Then i try to create new db form classic client with my clients licence file,
and i get error that You do not have premission to 'System6300'
Any ideas?


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    geronimogeronimo Member Posts: 90
    it just means you don't have the per database granule in your license file. So you have no right to use it. (you can only create database with the per database license ticked off.

    if i remember correctly its the granule 2020. Would have to check to be sure however. Can you check your license for this granule?
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    WojtekmWojtekm Member Posts: 123
    Yes i don`t have granule 2020 in this license file,

    But why i can`t assign this license to my earlier created db?
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    You can only save the license in the database if you have that granule. If you don't have that granule, you can't save the license in the database. Without that granule the license cannot be saved in the database.
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    WojtekmWojtekm Member Posts: 123
    Thank You for your explanation geronimo and DenSter.
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