ODBC driver 4.02 and 4.03 with contrary results

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some of our users are migrating from windows XP to window7 finally.
Which means, that the ODBC driver 4.03 has to be installed (because the 4.02-Version of the ODBC-Driver won't work with Windows7).

Now I'm in a real mess:

With the OptionFieldType set to "text" a simple statement like:
select disctinct length(gesperrt) from Kreditor
(requesting the Locked-Flag of a creditor/vendor)

produces contradictorily results:

4.02 finds
"0" for 'not set' and
"4" for "alle" (which means "all")

whereas 4.03 finds
"1" for 'not set' - which in my opinion is obviously WRONG - and
"4" for "alle" (which means "all" and is the same result as 4.02 produces)

Since we still use both operating systems my applications don't behave correctly on the Windows7 machines.

Obviously some sort of "Null-Value-Support" might be added furthermore:

Comparing the resultsets of:
select count(*) from Kreditor where Name_2 = ''
select count(*) from Kreditor where Name_2 IS NULL

shows, that the first statement find ALL of the creditors in 4.02 whereas 4.03 fetches 0 records.
the second statement just works contrary

Now my bundle of questions:
Is there any way to make 4.03 behave like 4.02 did?
Is there a changelog describing the differences between 4.02 and 4.03?

and first and foremost:

Is the "1"-result of the 4.03 driver a misbehaviour that is correted in future releases?

(see attached grafic for build numbers and results)

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