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Does anyone know where I can get function key templates for Navision. It seems like MSFT used to sell them, but I can't find them anymore.


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
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    WaldoWaldo Member Posts: 3,412
    Here are some ...
    F1	Help
    F2	Edit
    F3	Add record
    F4	Delete line
    F5	Symbol menu
    F6	Drilldown
    F7	Field Filter
    F8	Copy previous
    F9	C/AL Editor
    F11	Compile
    F12	Main menu
    CTRL - C	Copy
    CTRL - V	Paste
    CTRL - X	Cut
    CTRL - A	Select All
    CTRL - S	Save
    CTRL - R	Run
    CTRL - P	Print
    CTRL - F	Find
    CTRL - H	Replace
    CTRL - O	Open Company
    CTRL - Z	Undo
    CTRL - N	New Object
    SHIFT - F2	Assist edit
    SHIFT - F7	Flowfilter
    SHIFT - F12	Object designer
    CTRL – F1	Mark Record
    CTRL - F2	Object Designer
    CTRL - F4	Close
    CTRL - F6	Next Form
    CTRL - F7	Table Filter
    CTRL - F8	Zoom

    Actually, what I do most, is to use the ALT-function keys. For example:
    ALT+V+A Show All
    ALT+V+P Properties
    ALT+V+B Globals
    ALT+V+A Locals
    ALT+F+A Save As
    ALT+V+D Dataport Fields
    ALT+V+F Field Menu

    Don't touch my mouse all day \:D/

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