OLE error in NAS

m_klijbergm_klijberg Member Posts: 3
We're running NAV2009 with a NAS service running on a dedicated server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard). No NAV client is installed on the server. When running a codeunit through the job queue the NAS service generates the following warning (visible in the event viewer):

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by
GUID={68AEAA7B-9523-3511-AF5F-F2381D2C6F04} 1.0:{F9DAE2A4-D2F8-37C3-86D5-E4FFE166D860}:Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class.

The following bit of code triggers the warning:
FileGFil is a global variable with data type File.

Running the same code unit through a client doesn't raise any errors.

It appears not all required dll's are registered on the server. Is there a specific dll I should register, or should we do a full client install on the machine?


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    KishraguKishragu Member Posts: 45
    a) What is the type of file you are trying to create?
    b) Does the user account under which NAS is running got sufficient permissions to create/modify the file in the location where the file is created?
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    m_klijbergm_klijberg Member Posts: 3
    Hi Kishragu,
    a) it's a text file
    b) yes, the NAS user's got complete access to the file location.

    Hope you can help... thanks.
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    SNielsenSNielsen Member Posts: 37
    You need to install the the automation control:
    Microsoft Navision Mail
    it has the GUID={68AEAA7B-9523-3511-AF5F-F2381D2C6F04}

    you should have it in your NAV client directory, just register the "Microsoft Navision Mail.dll" with something like:

    regasm "Microsoft Navision Mail.dll" /tlb:"Microsoft Navision Mail.tlb" /codebase
    gacutil /i "Microsoft Navision Mail.dll"
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    SNielsenSNielsen Member Posts: 37
    Also, running the client install will register it for you.
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