Easy way for Create Contacts?

elToritoelTorito Member Posts: 191
In SCM are follow Explanation for create any Person Contact relationed with an Customer.

Go to Relationship Management , Contact Card, Press F3, No. will be get, Select Type Person, Search Company No. .....

This Way is a little bit long for our sales assistants...

I would now make follow, in Customer Card when you Press Primary Contact No, it will open a List with the already saved contacts, here i would put a command button, or menu item, or whatever, so that will open a new entry in a contact card with defaults:
Type= Person
Company No. = Company No. from Customer Card.

What is the best way for solucion this ?



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    pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    What about a menu-item in the contact list form's functions button called New with F3 as hotkey? The code could be something like this:
    Cont."No." := '';
    IF GETFILTER("Company No.") <> '' THEN
      IF GETRANGEMIN("Company No.") = GETRANGEMAX("Company No.") THEN BEGIN
        Cont.VALIDATE("Company No.",GETRANGEMAX("Company No."));
    FORM.RUNMODAL(FORM::"Contact Card",Cont,Cont.Name);
    IF Rec.GET(Cont."No.") THEN ;
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    elToritoelTorito Member Posts: 191
    This Works Very Nice =D>
    Thanks you very much. :P

    After The Upgrade from 260 to 370 the sales assistants now have a more little hammer than few weeks ago :roll: for beating me 8-[
    I Hope than in next month they have flowers for me :whistle:

    It can only be better [-o<
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