There are no Lines to create Error

nikeman77nikeman77 Member Posts: 517
Hi All,

When I make order from Blanket Order, there was an error prompted: "There are no Lines to create", any idea the cause?


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    MBergerMBerger Member Posts: 413
    The order will be made according to the "qty. to ship" you have filled in in the blanket order lines. If they are all zero, you get this message.
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    nav_rksaurabhnav_rksaurabh Member Posts: 11
    Check whether quantity field must not be blank.

    This error might be getting because of blank "Qty. to Receive" field in which is being validated by quantity field.
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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
    Check with debugger where exactly it is showing error.. is this a standard error or customized?

    I dont think this error will come because of 0 quantity or quantity to recieve..
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    nikeman77nikeman77 Member Posts: 517
    You are absolutely right, Qty. to Shipped is empty.

    That remind me of the fundamentals.

    Thanks fela!
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