Data item report issue

chris_lutherchris_luther Member Posts: 14

I'm trying to generate a report which has three data items associated to it,

The first is the main header, this is the staff name using the system.
The next is the refund they have done.
The third is the reason why they refunded, I have indented the tables to each other, I.e 1-2, 2-3. As the third table information (the reason) needs to be on the same line as the refund on the report.

Here's my problem, when you run the report the reason for the first entry is blanked and entered on the second entry and so forth. I understand that this is due to the way the report process in order.....

My question is how do I fix this? Really need to get it done, am fairly fresh to the Nav world but am keen to learn on my own so would really appreciate the help.



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