NAV 3.6 with 3.70b run time running on SQL 2000 enterprise

couberpucouberpu Member Posts: 317
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Good Morning,

Just want to ask if anyone had similar issue:

We are running NAV 3.6 with 3.70b run time on SQL 2000 enterprise. The size of the database is about 92GB, with 30GB log file, RAID 10. It was not super fast but steady as it goes until yesterday morning. Users in the system now experiencing slow down and delay issues all over the place. It was random and there was no error message in event log. The database seems running fine and server performance check out fine. Just a lot of i/o delays.(but not all the time, users are having ups and downs performance)

I can not real do anything until later tonigh but need some advise on areas I should start checking to fix this performance issue.



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