How to zerolise balance LCY from bank account

kellycywkellycyw Member Posts: 24
Hi All,

One of my customer, closed a USD bank account, she had successfully adjust the balance to become zero, but still have some figure in balance LCY, those transaction cause by foreign exchange. How to zerolise the balance LCY ?????

anyone help please help.........



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    raveendran.sraveendran.s Member Posts: 119
    U mentioned that the difference in Balance LCY is occured due to Foreign currency, I suggest to pass a jv and transfer the remaining amount to Gain or Loss due to exchange fluctuation account.

    This is how we handle it in India... please check with your local accounting principles.
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    ayhan06ayhan06 Member Posts: 210
    run Adjust Exch. Rates batch in "periodic activities->Currency"

    you shouldn't adjust lcy values of foreign currency bank accounts with manuel entry.
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