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fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
Dear Exepert,
There is a very strange problem came into my notice.

we are using Table 7002 to store Retail prices & i am replicating this to stores for the price.

But only those items with item tracking code "PARTIAL". If i am scanning specicaly those items it is showing only "Item no." & Description. But no price!!!!!!

If i am removing the Partial from item tracking code then it is showing the item with price and everything.

My question is that, why it is not showing the price when i am scanning that item. with partial & why it is showing the price if i am disabling Tracking code from it.

Kindly let me know thanks.


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    PWLPWL Member Posts: 3
    Can you write something more about process? Do you use standard functionality? On what form do you scan it? Sales line prices depend on more things that only item number and item tracking code
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    fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
    Dear PWL,
    Thanks for the response. I am talking about my stores. we are using LS retail. Store guys when they are scanning the items with "PARTIAL" item tracking code. they are unable to see the price for the item. As told earlier we are using Table (7002) for Sales Price. But if remove the "PARTIAL" from the item in the item card, then it showing the price.

    The problem is coming only when i am assigning Item Tracking code "PARTIAL" in the item card.

    We have serial numbers to track, so we need Tracking code necessarily.

    For Item Tracking code we are using standard one.
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    GRIZZLYGRIZZLY Member Posts: 127
    So, as far as I understood, you are replicating from table 7002 (head-quarter) to table 7002 (store).
    Is it replicates 1 by 1 (replication or distribution)?
    Does the new records with according prices appears in store database?
    If you've got the same prices as in head-quarter database, then you can check the same functionality in HQ database, is it works fine there?
    Check the Customer Price Group or the Discount Group of a customer, that you use in store database. I'm not a profy in LS Retail, I could only suppose.
    Sincerely yours, GRIZZLY
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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    What you're describing is not a behavior of standard NAV. You'll need to ask your partner to check the modifications to see what the problem is.
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