SimoGsiSimoGsi Member Posts: 23
I want to import the customer file in the table one
to fill the 'Search Name' field with value of the 'name' field i write the line above
OnAfterImportRecord //Trigger
But when i open the customer table all The 'Search Name' are Filling with the same value "xxxx", it doesn't take into account the value of each "name" field

Thank you very much


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    philippegirodphilippegirod Member Posts: 191
    1st Solution : To validate really all the Name of your table
    var TableRec Record YourTable
    IF TableRec.FIND('-') THEN REPEAT
    UNTIL TableRec.Next = 0;

    2nd Solution :
    On the field which has to be validated, set the property CallFieldValidate to Yes.

    3rd Solution (with your code) : Don't forget to INIT the values before yeach new record....
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