NAS server failing with yes/no option

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Hi all
Hope someone can solve this problem as I am out of ideas for the reason. I presume the NAS always operates in english and I have tried also to change to english on the app.server, but nothing helps. Have tried to look for solution in here but was unable to find anything except for the change language thing.
The error I'm getting looks like this ('Ja' is 'Yes' in my language):

C:\Application Server>nas.exe appservername=NAS01, NETTYPE=TCP, servername=FINSERVER,
company=Account33, nettype=TCP, startupparameter=WEBSERVICE
Date: 04-07-11
- 21:47:40: Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 6.00 (Build 29626)
21:47:40: Copyright (c) 1987-2009 Microsoft Corporation
- 21:47:41: 'Ja' is not an option.
21:47:41: The existing options are:
21:47:41: No, Yes
- 21:47:41: The Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV NAS01 could not i
nitialize properly.
21:47:41: The server will attempt to initialize every 30 seconds until this is successful.
- 21:47:56: The Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV NAS01 was shut down.


  • JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267

    It looks like NAS try to do something with value "Ja" in field Boolean/Option (insert value into field for example)
    Usually that kind of messages appears while importing data from other language source.
    You can try debug this and You will see where/when value 'JA' are use in wrong way.
  • HenningThHenningTh Member Posts: 59
    Sorry to say, but the 'Ja' should have changed to 'Yes' when I have changed the language to English on the app.server. No hardcode has been used - so problem not solved yet.
    Frankly spoken - I have no idea how to use a debugger on the NAS-server, never been there - have only used the "ordinary" debugger within applications.
  • JedrzejTJedrzejT Member Posts: 267

    It is not about NAS language. Change language dont change data.
    You are operate on Engilsh language -> and for example try to import value "Ja" from external data into field which has option "yes/no". This produce error, because JA is not an option.

    When NAS is running on english language you should use data in this language (for option fields)
    If Your NAS will be in German for example, then value "Ja" will be ok, for that field.

    So, You have to find out where in [code/external data] is value JA instead of YES . If You say there are no hardcode, then it have to be about external data. You can search forum, how to debug NAS
  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 956
    Please search for a file named "%AppData%\NaviBP.xml" (i.e. the file called NaviBP.xml in you Application Data folder) and delete it. It contains breakponts saved from a previous debug session. It also contains an Enabled property for each breakpoint stored in language specific text form.

    To avoid the situation you are in now I recommend you run NAS as as a service from a user you don't use interactively.

    Furthermore I recommend you copy the language folders from classic client to your Application Server folder (.etx and .stx files suffice) and also copy .etx, .stx and fin.flf or chronus.flf from the main classic client folder to the application folder. By doing so, NAS will run the same language as classic client (which might be important if you use commands like FORMAT, EVALUATE or non-internationalized date formulas).

    To use debugger with NAS you run NAS from the command line. You need to provide a developper's license to NAS and you will have to add debug as a parameter to all the rest of the required parameters. By doing so, debugger will be enabled with "Break on Triggers" turned on, and thus break early on NAS startup. You can then singlestep, set breakpoints and run or just run it waiting to trigger on some error.
  • GRIZZLYGRIZZLY Member Posts: 127
    In my opinion, the error raise if nas got code like:
    SETRANGE("Boolean Field", Ja);

    This code should be fixed this way:
    SETRANGE("Boolean Field", TRUE)

    For finding the source code, that leads to error try to use a debug option for NAS:
    nas.exe appservername=NAS01, NETTYPE=TCP, servername=FINSERVER,
    company=Account33, nettype=TCP, startupparameter=WEBSERVICE, debug = 1

    The developer license file should be copied to C:\Application Server

    After that debugger should be started and you can find the code.
    Sincerely yours, GRIZZLY
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  • absolutelyfreewebabsolutelyfreeweb StockholmMember Posts: 102
    I ran into this very same problem, and vaprogs comment fixed it. thank you very much.
  • MIMI Member Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    what vaprog said is not only right for the NAS it is also the way to get around that problem if you are developing with different localized versions of NAV. I have on my system an US client, a GB client and a DE client. When I debug with one of the 2 english versions and want to start my german client I get the message "Yes is not an option" or "Ja is not on option" in the other way.
    Delete the file vaprog was pointing out and you are fine again.

  • CaponeCapone Member Posts: 116
    vaprogs: comment by copying the language files did the trick for me :smile:
    Hello IT, have you tried to turn it off and on?
    Have you checked the cables?
    Have you released the filters?
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