Ouch! Keyboard again in C/Al!!! Don't get bored ^_^

jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247

I am still curious to find out how can we detect a keyboard stroke in C/Al. I had searched the forum, and all said that there's no way to do it. We have to define as a shortcut in menu item! Well, that's it and I was silent.
But when I saw "Star Trek", hey how can Benoît Durand did these?
If we defined as shortcut, it should have "Ctrl" , but he could catch "4 Arrow key"! Am I so stupid that can't understand all of these? :-s

I'm sorry to talk all of these (it might not connect to Navision directly, but connects to C/Al). I really want to know the background/reason/or any circumtances of them, anyone could tell me? :?

Thanks in advance as always,



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    AngeloAngelo Member Posts: 180
    Ho ho ho \:D/

    Jemmy,actually,there is no way to detect from keyboard stroke. I hav asked about this before but I think that is the drawback of Navision. :-k

    If you see "Star Trex", You change backgroud color of the form, then you will see 4 small button on right above. Benoît Durand is smart, man ! He can use this trick for detect keyboard stroke (actually it is not real, ho ho ho....)

    Navision not only for bussiness but can be use for making simple game,....
    funny !!! :mrgreen: making game will retread our logic. that's way I love it !!!!

    I give =D> for the game maker in Navision version :D
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    jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
    Hi Angelo,
    you are absolutely correct! I should be blind! :mrgreen:
    Hmm, I have seen 5 command buttons in the right top of the form...
    This guy has a trick to activate each buttons using arrow! using activation event of each command button, then generate the c/al command.

    Haha.. now I understand it, CASE IS CLOSED thank you.

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