Job to transfer data from company1 in DB1 to company2 in DB2

rajpatelbcarajpatelbca Member Posts: 178
hi Experts,

one of my client using NAV 3.7 SQL option. they want to create a job(which run overnight) to transfer data of few tables from company1 in Database 1 to another company2 to DB2.

there are ways to read data from one company to another but, i my case both companies are in different database.

could anyone please suggest any idea to achieve this ?

thanks in advance....
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    FSmeetsFSmeets Member Posts: 37
    You can always use the data migration tool. Export it from company1 and import it in company2 on the other database.
    Another possibility is to make a backup of company 1 in DB1 and restore it in company 2 in DB2. After that you can copy the data and remove the old company.
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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    There are several ways of doing this. If the 2 DBs are at least on the same server take a look at this:

    Warning: Referential Integrity is not supported!
    Frank Dickschat
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