LS Retail Data Director - Bandwidth Requirement

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NAV - LS Retail Implementation :

Each Store / Warehouse is connected through VPN 64 kbps full duplex bandwidth to our Head office server.

Each Outlet store is connected through DSL VPN Full Duplex wireless Network to Head office of dedicated 64 kbps full duplex Bandwidth pipeline. Each store is allowed at a time 64 kbps to 100 kbps only.

We are going to use Data director to replicate the data from store database to HO Database.

My question is, Can we run data director with this speed, or do we need some better bandwidth.

Average transactions will be 200 per day.


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    DD can work over dialup so anything above that will fine.
    Ahmed Rashed Amini
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    64 kbps is an OKAY speed to run the DD jobs,
    But the connection should not break in between…

    We you to send more than 300 transaction per day,
    Tejas Rane
    LS Retail Functional Consultant
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