Bank Reconciliation

kellycywkellycyw Member Posts: 24
How to do bank reconciliation in NAV version 5.


I had charge as a difference for bank charges for the month of april 2011, i try to compare the bank statement with reconciliation report.
It does not tally...

When i try to do bank reconciliation for the month of May 2011, get suggest line, the previous difference line does not appear, how i going to apply it?

Anyone help.......


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    pashya1972pashya1972 Member Posts: 176
    Possibility are:
    1. u ve entered date while suggest lines "Starting date" as 01/5 .. keep starting date blank so that all the pending entries shd appear


    The entries must have been applied in April itself. Pls check balance in bank reco.

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    kellycywkellycyw Member Posts: 24
    Hi Prashant

    Thanks for your reply, the result that i get does not work for my database :cry:

    antoher senarios :

    Goto Test report error message show as below:

    Warning : Ending statement balance does not equal to total balance.

    But i confirm the bank reconciliation , total balance equa to ending statement balance

    anyone help please.....

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