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ErotErot Member Posts: 4

We want to use the standard navision attain interaction templates with an Excel template.
We already can import, export, delete and open an Excel document. :)
The only thing that isn't working is the when u open the excel attachment and you modify something, the system will automaticly check if modification has been done and will re-import the attachement.

We copied the existing "WordHandler" function in wordmanagement and wanted to change the automation variables to excel variables.
The problem is that the Wordhandler automation is the Navision Attain ApplicationHandler and there is no option for excelhandler only for wordhandler.
If we could solve this problem I think everything will work.

NewFileName := wrdHandler.WaitForDocument(wrdDoc);

Can somebody help us. :cry::cry::cry:

Thx Eric


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    Lord_JammerLord_Jammer Member Posts: 1
    i think its just checking if the temporary file created by excel still exits.
    Once its gone, its importing the original file.
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