Backup and Restore in NAV

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One of our Client's Server is not protected properly and now it is flooded with suspicious files. The system administrator at the client site has suggested to format the entire system and reinstall the ERP Software.

We have taken the backup of both SQL Database as well as NAV Application. Could anyone please help me about how to restore the Database and retain the NAV Application.

Thank you...
Thank you
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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Install NAV on your freshly formatted server.
    run the classic client and connect to your preferred SQL-instance.
    select menu Extra - restore.
    Select your first (or only) fbk file and let NAV restore the complete db.
    Complete other steps I forget to mention.
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    FSmeetsFSmeets Member Posts: 37
    What kind of backup files do you have? .fbk or .bak?
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