Intercompany Postings or Consolidation

FishermanFisherman Member Posts: 456
We are in the beginning phases of implementing a new Warehouse Management System for our 3PL Services divisions. This WMS is stand-alone and can generate files to export receivables/payables to an ERP system.

We currently do not do any IC postings and we are not using consolidations and are in 5.0 SP1.

Here's my question - for such a purpose, would IC postings be a better bet than Consolidations? If so, can someone point me to a file schema for the IC files or tell me how I can export a schema myself?


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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Consolidation does not do inventory.

    For 3PL locations, it's typically setup as a separate location code in the same company. You transfer goods in there using transfer orders.
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    FishermanFisherman Member Posts: 456
    Alex -

    sorry. I think you misunderstand.

    We are a 3PL, not a company utilizing one. We've already been down the NAV WMS road for our 3PL business... it doesn't work.

    We're implementing a standalone WMS for 3PL - one that is meant to function in the ways that 3PLs work.

    We need to integrate the service-based financial transactions that the WMS will generate back into the G/L - invoices for services rendered on inventory, payables for materials purchased in the warehouse, etc... No inventory.

    In reading, I think that the Intercompany postings would be a better fit, but I can't find a schema for the IC inbox files. Do you know of anywhere where these XML schemas can be found?
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