Export object command in C/Al

jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
Folks/Navision Gurus,

I have searched in the help, but no such information on this.
Anyone knows how to export object to .fob files using C/Al code?
That's it, Thanks.



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    janpieterjanpieter Member Posts: 298
    You cannot really export to a fob file but you can export to something close to that.

    Objects are stored in a BLOB field in the Object table. Find the object you want in this table and then you can export the BLOB field to a file.

    But you can not import this file using the standard File>Import method, but you can import this object the same way you've exported it by C/AL coding. Then the object will be replaced.

    Disadvantage is that the objects are replaced without many warnings and you wont get the import screen.

    There are more topics about this. Search the forums.
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